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  •   COS is an expatriate relocation service, specialized for Japanese managers and professionals. COS...

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  • Only if we do it by ourselves we can guarantee the expected service-quality and professionality. Therefore we...

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  • Reliability and compliance are fundamental aspects in original Swabian (south-west German) and...



We understand what Japanese are searching for, what is Japanese service-quality, what is Japanese manner and behavior.
We understand, Japanese hesitate to ask for help (Enryo 
遠慮), because it´s uncomfortable to ask for help (Moushiwakenai 申し訳ない).

The customers we are serving, we offer a service-quality and customer orientation, not to be found in Germany.


In Japan a saying is: customer is God.


That´s how it is.

Exactly that´s our consciousness and merit: Our companies ‘culture is based on that.



Our service is unlimited: we find an answer and solution for every request an expatriate may has.


And all our services are legalized by public authorities, chamber of crafts, as well as official German examination offices, because of extensive and very sophisticated tests and certifications.


Therefore our fulfillment is a wide field of support and services. This unique capacity is complemented by perfect service quality.





Welcome to COS

helping your life in Stuttgart