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helping your life in Stuttgart


    House search and help start-up issues 


    Car purchase or selling services  


    Education service


    Travel services in Stuttgart area 


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Therefore COS provides excusivly real estate under consideration of Japanese needs and requirements. Our Japanese Consultants are also responsible for explanation of the real estate, the environment, the installation of the equipment and so on, completely in Japanese language with Japanese service quality.

•   On site Support: our consultans provide on site support.

We help you to understand the new area, and clarify ALL questions you may have. This is done short-term, and in case of emergency, immediately! This is possible because of long years local knowledge and our availability directly of site.

•   We help, when you need us!

Daily life, recycling, process, doctors, public traffic installation of bank accounts, where are the best shops to get, we know that! 

•   COS works completely as “one face to the customer”.

Offering all necessary services, like moving, buying and installation of new furniture, making internet and Mobile contract, choosing the cheapest electrical current provider, offering the best and necessary insurances, small repairs and installations in the flat (e.g. lamps, pictures, shelves)


Cultural advices especially for the difficult Swabian culture and customs to collaborate, we have deeply knowledge and experience



Welcome to COS

helping your life in Stuttgart