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What do our customers say about us?


We are confident of our high reliability, detailed customer service and let our customers to feel that, here we got response from them:


- 13.09.2021 Anonymous 


We are on an outbound expatriation and needed a trustworthy tenant for our Stuttgart property in a very short time. With his experience and network Alex presented us the perfect candidate in a matter of days. Now Alex is our “Man on the Ground” in Stuttgart and helps us whenever local support is needed and we cannot be there in person, living and working thousands of kilometers away. That gives us a great peace of mind.

We enjoy working together with Alex and like his pragmatic and straight forward way. It is great to have this direct and personal contact with the COS decision maker rather than circling back and forth between some of the agents and headquarters of the “other guys”, where you are just another number in their database. 
- 02.05.2021 Anonymous 


1. To find the apartment and negotiate with the landlord

When I appoint with COS as my agent for finding the appartment, COS made great effort to find the apartment which is relatively new and has a very good quality, And when the landload request many things such as submission of income certificate, company support letter, COS negotiated well with the landlord to have me sufficient time to complete requested documents. In addition COS did good negotiation to set up the schedule of the agreement with the landlord.

Thanks to COS, I could get current woderfull apartment on time. I really apprecaite their services.  

2. To settle parking card problem

When my parking card in my apartment did not work by misteke of the landlord, COS gave me the solution. Actually, I tried to contact the landlord, they ignored me and gave me no help. Then I contacted COS to advise me how to do. Although my contract with COD was over, but COS kindly took my case and negotiated with the landlord.

Immediately after COS negotiated with the landlord, the new parking card was delivered to me. I also apprecaite COS services.

- 25.04.2021 Masatoshi Takesato






Roesslerさん、藤原さん共に気さくな人柄で話しやすいので、まずは相談されてみてはいかがでしょうか。- 18.04.2021 Koichi Okita


シュツットガルトに引っ越して来るとなると、言葉が話せなかったり、土地勘分からないのに家探しや車の手配、子供の学校勉強の事など、大変な事や不安な事がたくさんあると思いますが、Cos Stuttgart が日本語対応でサポートしてくれるので凄く助かると思います -  17.04.2021 Yusaburo Matsuoka


"Quando minha família e eu decidimos morar em Ludwigsburg, entrei em contato com a empresa COS-Service para nos ajudar a encontrar um imóvel.
Desde o primeiro contato com Alexander Rossler, sentimos confiança e honestidade em seu trabalho!
Conseguimos exatamente a casa que procurávamos e em um lugar muito bom!
Alexander é um excelente profissional e com certeza recomendo sua empresa!"

"When my family and I decided to live in Ludwigsburg, I contacted the company COS-Service in order to help us to find one property.
From the first contact with Alexander Rossler, we felt a confidence and honesty in his work!
We got exactly the house we were looking for and in a very good place!
Alexander is an excellent professional and I definitely recommend his company!" -  09.04.2021 Jeverson Iensen


We used COS Stuttgart to find our apartment and were thoroughly satisfied. Alex provided a highly personalized search that really took into account our family's needs and time constraints. He is responsive and meticulous in his approach to client services. We  recommend him highly, he knows the market well and we slept soundly knowing he represented us. -   03.03.2021 Nora


"Herr Rössler ist kompetent und freundlich. Offenheit und Zufriedenheit der Kunden sind ihm sehr wichtig. Ich habe von ihm Fahrzeug gekauft, das sich in einem sehr guten Zustand befindet." -  19.09.2021 Eki




自分で対応することはほとんどなく、車の売却ができCOSのサービスに非常に満足しています。" -  29.09.2022 Y.K.