COS patented anti-theft wheel fixation

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COS patent a anti theft car wheel fixation

Nightmare of every car maniac....


Modern houses often do not have fenced parking lots anymore. Sometimes the storage rooms are very small and are not close by the garage.
That’s the reason why, people have a storage problem. 
Especially car maniacs having tire sets (Summer-tires/Winter-tires) with value of several thousand Euro, fear that someone stealing them away. 
So there’s no option storing them next to the car in the garage. Therefore many people bring their tires to a commercial storage and pay about 70-100€ fee for one season, to keep them there. 


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hat’s a lot of effort, because you need to align an appointment with the commercial storage or the car dealer, you need to transport the tires and you pay a lot of money.
Car maniacs don’t like to have their expensive tire sets outside of their home.
And what a nightmare: getting the tire sets back after the season how big is the surprise, if you found scratches on your rims. To evidence scratches have been caused by the commercial storage is nearly impossible.
So what to do now?
You need something to store your tires set, that they are protected against theft. Moreover it should be way, they are protected against environmental damage and are stored safely.
You search for a solution in the internet.
And you find:
There are offers: there are tyre trees, shelfes, hooks, etc. 


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But a practicable solution against theft and a good storage do not find.
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So the only solution is, to protect your tires with the help of a chain and a lock. But: what happens if someone just the chain and steal the tires away?
—> no insurance will pay for the damage!


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COS Stuttgart anti-theft wheel fixation (German Patent Radhalterung bzw. Felgenbefestigung gegen Diebstahl von KFZ Rädern).
Based on the flange of a car axle, a fixation had been designed. With that you can fix your tires on the wall in your garage direct next to your car in a safe way. 
Since the whole design is made against theft, you don’t need to be frightened someone stealing your tire set. 
Of course every anti-theft measurement can be broken.
But the more time and effort is necessary, the lower the risk someone tries to steal. Moreover: there are special tools necessary like a drilling machine or a automatic saw, which are very loud and destroy the fixation. So if someone wants to steal the tires from the wall fixation, he/she needs to prepare the theft very well.  And there´s chance that someone gets in alert, because of the noise caused by the tools.
However: since there are marks, there is clear evidence for theft and insurance  (of course dependent on the terms and conditions of the insurance) you got the costs for your tire set and the tire fixation back from your insurance.
Following advantages you gain:
  • comfortable and space-saving fixation of your seasonal tire set set
  • directly next to your car, no effort for transportation
  • tire doesn’t get any side forces, since it is not on the floor
  • dry storage, no fluids or contamination impacting the tires
  • fixation is done with help of positions on the right place and screw connections: exactly the same as it is done at your car
  • scratches on side of the rim, won’t happen, because nothing comes in contact with it
  • you can keep your full space of the parking lot
  • very professional look, you can always enjoy your beautiful rims mounted on wall
  • made of big aluminum block, best quality, designed in Germany, made in Germany 
But mostly this device’s merit is against theft:
  • theft without destroying the device is impossible
  • you need special tools (saw, drilling machine, screw extractor) to steal away from the wheel holder, therefore a petty theft is not possible
  • in case someone really does the effort to steal away, there will be marks. Therefore you can claim the theft against your insurance
  • legal position is nearly the same as the tires would be mounted on car




Anti-Theft-Wheel-Fixation (German: Radhalterung Anti-Diebstahl) can be purchased at Rakuten, Amazon, or directly here. Contact us via Email.


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