COS registered officially as car repair company Handwerkskammer Stuttgart

In Germany the regulations for running a car repair workshop are very strict. The reason for that is the extremely high responsibility you have as a car workshop, because of safety. If a mechanist does mistakes in e.g. repairing a brake it is life-threatening.

That's why it is a must to be Meister (Foreman) in vehicle technics, you must have several years experience in maintaining and repairing of cars and you must provide evidence of your technical ability to a chamber of handicrafts, if you want to run a car repair workshop.

COS Stuttgart wants to provide their customers a fully integrated service, even including repair and inspection of the cars, because sometimes it is difficult for the customers to collaborate with the local car repair workshop in terms of language and reliability.

So we went this big step and fulfilled all requirements, and COS Stuttgart became an official registered car repair workshop. We take care for all kinds of services and repairs of our customer´s cars in with best technical knowledge and experience in a professional way.

COS Services officially registered as car repair company by granting KFZ repair and inspection permission Handwerkskammer Stuttgart as concession.



COS Services

JP services in Stuttgart

car regular inspections

TUV inspection arrange
an behalf of you

Car repair, by professional
winter / summer tire changes

sell / purchase used cars
kfz registration, numberplates, car
insurance support

BBS wheel purchase in
cheap prices as BBS
official dealer
(from EUR 1100 for BBS
SX including Bridgstone

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